Tile in general is more popular in warmer climates than it is cooler ones, which is why these products are seen more often in the South and West. It is also the most widely used flooring in both China and Mexico. However, tile of different types are also found elsewhere, particularly in conjunction with Mediterranean and Arts and Crafts style architecture, and more recently with the sleek, smooth lines of modern design. The ability of such an age old material to reinvent itself yet again for contemporary architecture demonstrates what a timeless choice it will be. Learn more.

Outdoor Kitchens Make Life More Fun!

The craze for outdoor kitchens is one of the country’s fastest-growing trends, and every year more and more home owners are realizing they too want a piece of this cool lifestyle. Outdoor kitchens are not new — people in the warmer states have been enjoying them for a while. Now people in other parts of the country are deciding there’s no reason why they too can’t join in the fun. Learn more.

Outdoor Patio Tile

Outdoor patio tile is a great option for flooring in an area exposed to the elements. Easy to install and able to withstand extreme changes in temperature (if the right type is chosen), this material also provides endless design possibilities. With countless types to choose from, you can transform your leisure space into a beautiful sanctuary. Learn more.

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Outdoor Tiles