Wall TilesDid you know that tiles are fabulous accents that can enhance the beauty of your kitchen, bathroom, living room, and all other spaces you want in your homes? If you choose a good quality of material, tiles can last many generations than you think. There are various options and styles that are available, and it is significant to have a smart choice if you want durability. This will all depend on particular requirements such as moisture and stain resistance.

Generally, tiles are made from either ceramic or stones, each offering a variety of categories available. These type of materials are also options not only for walls but floors as well, and not only because of style but the convenience that they provide. They can easily be maintained, dependable and gorgeous. Wall tiles are great for innovating interior spaces such as bathrooms and kitchens.

In fact, these tiles can be fabulous accents in the walls of any other room of the house. Expensive tiles can be made from ceramic or porcelain but there are also those who are inexpensive and can fit your budget. The following are some materials that can be used as options when considering to buy one:

  • Glazed Ceramic. This type comes in countless colors that you may imagine, in various styles and designs. Oftentimes, these are being utilized in wet areas such as bathrooms and kitchens because they are waterproof. Made from clay and glazed, these are perfect in areas where water easily seeps in.
  • Mosaic. One of the best features of this type is that pigments are still visible on the entire tile even though it has been chipped. They are best for walls or can be used as a d├ęcor on its own.
  • Marble. This was perceived to be exclusively for the rich only, but not anymore. Times have changed, and more and more people are already using this material to beautify diverse areas of their homes. Marbles are long lasting and has an aesthetic appearance especially when used in interiors. White and green are the most popular colors available.
  • Glass. What is more glamorous but these contemporary tiles, which gives shimmer and illuminates spaces to make the them appear larger. You can choose from a variety of frosted and bubble glass. Frosted are foggy and flat surfaced, while bubble glass contains air bubbles, enhances style and quality to its entire appearance.
  • Vinyl. This is considered the most inexpensive of all, especially when you are on a tight budget. They are easy to maintain and fix, and available in several designs, shapes and colors.

Some of the Features of Tiles are the Following:

  • Tiles are non-porous, that means the surfaces are entirely sealed, no swelling, no disturbance even when they are expose to moisture, steams from showers or a simple splash of water from the sink.
  • Since these tiles are non-porous, low maintenance is expected. They cannot absorb paints, oils and all other chemicals that can leave unbearable stains. Therefore, you can easily scrub the tiles with soap and water to eliminate rubble and dirt build ups. Tile cleaning products are also conveniently sold for grout cleaning to revive shiny tiles.
  • Cracked or dislodged tiles can be easily replaced with a spare or anything that is similar with it. Remember to keep some spares in your basement so that you won’t get a hard time looking for one in case you encounter this situation.
  • If you have an eye for art, you can play with your imagination. Tiles have never ending styles, designs and shapes, which make it easier for you to make a fashionable statement for your space. Practice your creativity with new arrangements and patterns. Mosaic designing can be an excellent option especially for artists.

Tips for Installation

Unless you decide to hire a professional, trying to do it yourself can be budget saving and fun. It is as simple as applying the tiles to the wall with a strong adhesive while the gaps are being filled with grouts. As easy as any other do-it-yourself projects, you can do this if you have skills. Of course, if you are in doubt, you can always call a professional to do it for you. The challenge lies on how to properly install the tiles on an even phase. This can be an excellent task that can test your skills and your artistic abilities. You can always check the internet on some tips on how to do it, or check some social media advertising for efficient and reliable professionals.